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The quality of the product and the reliability of the service is our philosophy.

In Grupeme we have equipped ourselves with the best product range to be able to meet all the needs of the comprehensive housing reform, and we have the material and human resources to be able to offer the best service at the right time.

In our objective to cover any need of our clients, we are a reference in design, quality and technological innovation.

We have in our product portfolio the best ceramic brands, both Spanish and Italian. We offer quality sanitary and bathroom accessories, robustness in dishes, bathtubs and countertops in quartz resins, integral solutions in dishes and shower screens, and design in bathroom furniture, as well as other complementary products and top quality accessories.

The collaboration with the main manufacturers of our activity segment has allowed us to become the leading company in the distribution of materials for construction in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. In Grupeme we are the first to have the most innovative and cutting-edge products, at the best market price.

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Italian Ceramics
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